Three Rivers Historical Society was officially established  by the state of California on December 17, 1991.
The Historical Museum and Visitors Center was established and opened on October 19, 2000.

Board of Directors
Thomas Marshall, President
Nancy Brunson, Vice-President, Fin. Comm.
Rhoda (Dody) Marshall, Treasurer-Archivist
Susan Wolff, Director, Docent Coordinator
Pat Crain, Director
John (Rusty) Crain, Director/Fin. Comm.
Gaynor McKee, Director
Robert Burke, Director
Shivon Lavely, Director
Jackie Tuttle, Director/Facebook editor
Kimberly Kauling, Director
Louise Jackson, Director
Darlene Mayfield, Director

Pia Martinez, Student Liaison, Woodlake High School and F.F.A.

Finance Committee
Nancy Brunson, TRHS
Rusty Crain, TRHS
Mike Little, C.P.A.